Everything you need to know about the course is on this website.

On the right are links to the course syllabus; criteria for evaluating the course and your own performance; a matrix of all course assignments and deadlines; the course bibliography; and a week-by-week menu of course topics, assignments, and on-line discussion forums.

Here is a tour of what you will find on the top menu:

WELCOME: This is the WELCOME page, the first page you will see before the course begins.

ABOUT THIS COURSE: A basic overview of the course.

THIS WEEK: A rotating home page of the current week’s topic, with links to assignment and discussion pages.

GOPAL: Information about your instructor. Contact info, bio, resume.

STUDENTS: This is where you will post your bio, learn more about your fellow students, and find their emails. It is also where you can change your password to this website.

ADOBE: Adobe takes you directly to Adobe Connect, our online-classroom for our 6 synchronous online class sessions.

ALERTS: This is where your instructor will post announcements which will also go to your email.

CAFÉ: The Café is where we can all share interesting links, information, ideas, epiphanies, questions, answers, and comments related to this course and beyond.  Café posts will also go to student emails.

Click around, check out the site, and if you have any questions, post a comment in the course Café [top menu] or send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

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